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Why perks?

Boost productivity, happiness & appreciation

Our unique approach to support your team, allowing you to offer thousands of curated benefits & support tools to choose from - meaning you get it right every time!

Personalized choice

Support every lifestyle

Each of us is at a different stage in our professional careers and personal lives. With common one-size-fits-all programs, your people won’t get the support they really need.

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Give the freedom of choice

The marketplace serves as your toolbox to deliver a diverse and inclusive experience to your team. Featuring categories ranging from Learning & Development to Wellness, there is something for everyone.

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Categories to choose from:


Every $1 spent on mental health treatment creates a $4 return in improved health & productivity.

  • Health
  • Wellnessarticles
  • Massage
  • Personal care
  • Meditation
  • Virtual care

Trusted brands

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Vetted & Curated

We work with best in class vendor partners, from global brands to regional heroes, to bring an unrivaled employee experience to your team!

Global support

Easily adjust your location if your team spans across several countries! Gaining global reach while providing a truly localized experience.

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There are a million ways for your employees to use perks coins. No matter how big or small the allowance is, there’s something for everyone.

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It's a proven fact! Happy employees improve your company's chance of success:


decrease in employee turnover


increase in revenue


jump in employee productivity

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Use perks in every occasion

Benefits & Support

Support your people with a monthly budget to shop their custom experience.


No longer forgotten birthdays. Set automated birthday rewards.

Work anniversaries

Reward loyality with setting up automated rewards for their anniversaries.


High performance should be recognized and rewarded to keep up productivity.

New hires

Welcome your new employee with the power of choice to set up their support.

Holidays & Events

Christmas, Hanukkah or wedding? Gift them the power of choice!

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love us!

“Perks enables companies to provide a more individualized experience to each team member, empowering top talent to choose the benefits and support tools that fit their evolving lifestyle.”

Darren Murph

Head of Remote

“At Google, I am part of an unrivaled employee campus experience. Perks takes the big tech campus experience and makes it available digitally to any company, despite their size or budget.”

Sheba Rasson

Global Product Lead

“Perks offers a seamless onboarding and consistent support to make it easy for anyone to set up and start offering their employees tokens of appreciation!”

Kristen Stone


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