Leadership Portal

Platform Analytics

In the Leadership Dashboard leaders can easily view high-level analytics around their team’s marketplace and platform activity. This includes platform engagement rates, employee count, top perks for your team and budget breakdowns. Keeping you in touch with your team’s PERKS experience.

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Events Calendar

Our live events calendar in the Leadership Dashboard provides you oversight of all the upcoming important dates for your team like employee birthdays, work anniversaries, and upcoming team events. Making sure you never miss the days that count the most!

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Team Management

This is where you have all the tools needed to properly manage your team. We can seamlessly integrate with HRIS systems to pull employee rosters in real time. From the roster overview you can quickly access any pending invites, send out credits, and view user profile pages.

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Create Custom Packs

Here you can manage and create the “Packs” for new employee onboarding in the Leadership Dashboard. You can quickly view the most recent packages, view all the packs, and create new packages as well. It’s as simple as adding a title and inputing links to the perks you want included!

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Polls for Community Voting

You can also create and manage the polls to send to your team. Quickly view the active or latest poll results, access past polls sent out, and create a new poll as well. Making sure your team gets the perks they actually want!

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Notifications Center

Here you have live access to all organization-wide notifications like upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries, new employee onboarding, rewarding updates and so much more.

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Rewards Integrations

This dashboard is where you control the integrations into your common software workflows as well as your communication tools. Easily connect with each workflow to PERKS by simply logging into your account for that program. Once connected, you will have access to everything needed to manage their teams gamified rewards experience.

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Employee Portal

Personal Dashboard

This dashboard serves as the home base for each user’s PERKS account. Get access to your most recent marketplace orders and also all past orders. You get an overview of your total rewards earned per workflow and you can also view all of the rewards you have received.

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Community Dashboard

The community dashboard grants you and your team access to all company wide information. This will serve as the shared intranet for your organization’s PERKS program. Each team member has quick oversight of what matters across the organization.

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Key value propositions

Centralized Hub for All Functionality

Access everything you need to effectively use PERKS no matter your organization role

Live Notifications Center

Leadership and Employees get real-time access to all notifications and updates pertinent to their role

Shared Intranet for Your Team

Our Community Dashboard serves as your organization’s easy-to-use intranet

Streamlined Bookkeeping

Get centralized access to all orders, expenses, and rewards for any accounting needs

Enable Democratic Decisions

Use our Polls to allow your team to democratically vote on the products, service, and experiences they want

Easy Team Management

Integrate with your existing HRIS platform for automated team management and data transfer

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Set your team up for success