Internal Communication

Integrate Perkins to Slack or Microsoft Teams to enable peer recognition, send employee shoutouts, send rewards or gifts, vote on a new poll, and easily communicate outside of the PERKS platform with simple commands.


Automated Rewards

Easily integrate with your existing workflow platforms including Jira, Zendesk, Trello, and HubSpot to bring a gamified rewarding experience to your teams. Keeping your teams motivated to perform at their best!


Custom Reward Triggers

Automate the rewarding process by setting custom reward triggers specific to the different types of work and progress stages. Making sure employees are rewarded for their hard work without the hard work.


Company-Wide Leaderboard

Our Leaderboard provides a live feed of top-earners and performers in your organization. No matter your role in the organization everyone can access the leaderboard and gets the chance to earn their spot at the top.


How It Works


Connect Board & Set Rewards

Simply connect to the workflows to set custom triggers and reward values for the different types of work to be completed.

Complete Tasks

All your team needs to do is complete the work as they normally would, no need to learn any new tools or platforms.

Approve Rewards

Leaders can easily track and approve the rewards your team earns to stay in touch with your team’s performance and productivity.

Key value propositions

Streamline the Rewarding Process

Easily reward your team for a job well done with automated rewards

Enable Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Send shout-outs or one-off rewards and gifts by integrating into existing communication tools

Improve Productivity & Motivation

Keep your team performing at their best to complete their work and earn rewards

Gamify Projects and Deliverables

Our live Leaderboard recognizes top performers in your organization and enables friendly competition

Micro-Incentives & Custom Rewards

Set custom rewards for different types of work completed at any stage of your projects and workflows

Keep Your Team Connected & In-Sync

We integrate into existing workflows to keep everyone connected project progress and deliverables

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Set your team up for success