Portable Pet Water Bottle

Portable Pet Water Bottle


Product Details
Sleek Leakproof Portable Water Bottle for your Best Friend!

Big Enough: This dog water bottle have a practical 14 oz water container, provides enough water for walking and hiking, and is not too heavy for carrying.

Portable for Outdoor: 10 inches height size makes this dog water bottle easy carry or to be put in your bag.

No Water Waste: You can drain the water back into the dog water bottle when your puppy finishes drinking.

Large Size Water Dispenser: 4 inches length x 2.75 inches width water dispenser on the pet water bottle makes it suitable for cats, small puppies, and large dogs.

Durable & Safe: Use high quality food grade material on this portable dog travel water bottle. BPA free PC for the water cup and ABS for water dispenser. Make sure your pets enjoy the clean water from a completely safe pet water bottle.

How to Use the Dog Water Bottle
1. Slide down the switch on the water dispenser to unlock.
2. Slant the dog water bottle to drain enough water into the dispenser, then slide the switch to stop the water.
3. Drink your pet with this convenient dog water bottle. Slide the switch to drain more water if needed.
4. After drinking, slide up the switch to lock and prevent water leakage.
*You can drain the water in the dispenser back again into the pet water bottle when unlock.

Specification of the Pet Water Bottle
Capacity: 14 oz water
Size: 10 inches height x 2.75 inches diameter
Material: PC for water dispenser and ABS for water container
Colors: Blue, Green, Grey, Pink

Do not drain water hotter than 175°F/80°C into the dog water bottle.