Elementaree Trial Premium

Elementaree Trial Premium


Product Details
We've got everything ready!
We peel potatoes, cut onions, and marinate meat for you! This is how you manage to cook dinner in 15 minutes without getting tired.

The Elementaree Trial Premium Set comes with 3 restaurant-style dinners.

You choose your favorite dishes
From breakfast to dinner, from children's recipes to restaurant recipes, we have all the options to choose from. For every taste: "vegan", "light", "I don't eat spicy", "I don't like onions" and any personal preferences to your taste.

We clean and cut for you
No more chopping onions, peeling potatoes and cleaning up the kitchen - we help with this routine. We also prepare marinades for meat and our own natural sauces - everything tastes better with them.

We deliver the set safely
Any day, at a convenient time - easy to set up, easy to transfer. We take it in the refrigerator, we bring it directly to the refrigerator. We deliver in kraft bags and try to limit our use of plastic.

You cook in just 15 minutes!
Cook dishes of any complexity in 15 minutes: it's enough time to feel like a chef, but not get too tired in the kitchen. Everything is like a restaurant: we provide the ingredients, you assemble a masterpiece.