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Climaqx Waist Shredder


Product Details
The new Climaqx Waist Shredder was developed with the aim of significantly increasing fat burning through the generation of heat. The sauna effect leads to increased sweating as soon as the belt is put on. Results are not long in coming!
Due to the body-hugging, anatomical fit, you can wear the belt for hours and thus enhance the effect. Whether in the gym or outside of sports, you will love your new waist shredder.

The high-quality neoprene material is skin-friendly, extremely light and robust. The long Velcro® fastener allows you to optimally adjust the waist belt - whether tight or loose, you decide.
Raise your goals to a new level - the Climaqx Waist Shredder is your optimal support!

Product information
High quality neoprene for maximum sauna effect
Anatomical fit
Usable in the gym & everyday life

Care instructions
Do not use fabric softener
Wash only with mild detergent
Wash with similar colors

Is the waist shredder suitable for any waist size?
Due to the extra wide and long base material (110cm) and Velcro fastener, the Waist Shredder fits perfectly to any waist size. The Waist Shredder can therefore be used universally and accompanies you in training for a long time, whether during your fitness session, jogging or other sports!

How much water can I lose on average?
Fact is that the Climaqx® Waist Shredder significantly increases your thermogenic activity. This means that your core body temperature will rise and you will sweat faster. How much water you lose depends on your metabolism and your cardio intensity.
However, the results are quickly visible: water retention, especially on the abdomen and hips, is quickly sweated out of the body and narrowing your waist.

How long and when should I wear the belt?
We recommend that you wear the waist shredder belt for all cardio units. It doesn't matter whether you use the belt in the studio or for cardio sessions outdoors. A noticeable increase in temperature in the abdominal region already sets in after a few minutes, you will also feel increased sweating after a few minutes. The thermogenic increase in your core temperature also boosts your metabolism and thus also your calorie consumption!