Bell Lap Coffee - Monthly Espresso Club

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Bell Lap Coffee - Monthly Espresso Club


Product Details
Fresh artisan-roasted coffee, delivered when you need it, shipped within 48 hours from being roasted. All orders are taken weekly and roasted to order for you. We have no coffee sitting around for months. We roast only to your order and will be delivered within days of your order to ensure the freshest best tasting coffee.
This is the most convenient way to never run out of coffee or resort to stale grocery store beans.

Monthly Espresso club members will receive a freshly roasted 12 oz. bag each month for the occasional coffee drinker.

How do you know it will be delicious?
In our eyes, coffee’s main purpose is to be delicious. Every day, we go to great lengths to ensure this: we source, roast, taste, and prepare coffee with the intention of drawing out its best characteristics.
We roast our coffee in small batches at our River Falls, Wisconsin headquarters, and ship it straight to your door.