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Barista One - Course & Certification


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Barista Hustle is the industry’s leading online barista training provider. All coffee based barista training is centred around engagement and innovation. There is a barista course for every aspect of the specialty coffee industry, from milk science and latte art, to advanced coffee making. In our huge video archive, you will find a collection of barista training videos relating to all areas of the coffee world.

Every barista course offered includes a set of challenging assessments that give learners the chance to earn a certification. This credential offers baristas a far-reaching proof that they have crossed the baseline for professional barista standards. This formal certification adds to the career capital of a learner, and provides evidence to employers and to clients that a barista has traversed the vast array of literature that is profiled in all online barista training modules.

For each barista course a learner completes they can choose to make their certifications publicly visible. This helps to strengthen a CV and Barista Hustle’s reputation as researchers and barista course providers should provide that credibility to anyone looking to pursue a career as a coffee professional.

  • A barista course and certification which covers theory and practice of everything to do with modern espresso. From dosing and distribution to latte art, this course establishes best-practice in every area behind the bar.