B Silent Night-Time Organic Infusion 37.5g

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B Silent Night-Time Organic Infusion 37.5g


Product Details
Treat yourself or a loved one in need to a peaceful night's sleep courtesy of Bamford's B Silent Night-Time Infusion – 15 biodegradable tea bags with an expert blend of calming botanicals.

The Bamford Wellness Collection features an indulgent line-up of aromatherapeutic products originally designed for use at the Bamford Hayburn Spa. Built on the healing properties of plants, each blend features essential oils and organic plant extracts specially selected for their active medicinal properties. This sleep-inducing herbal tea is blended with lavender and passion flowers, hemp leaves, lemon balm and valerian root along with a host of other peace-restoring plants. Enjoy with or without nut milk each night before bed to prep your mind and body for a deep and restful sleep.