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Asian Cooking Class Online Seminar


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Freshly scented ingredients, exotic, spicy aromas and the preparation is pure harmony - welcome to the art of Asian cuisine.

Learn to cook Asian
The dream of your own summer rolls, Thai curry or fresh sushi - is now coming true! With an online cooking course, easily at your home. The kitchen professional will teach you the tricks of Asian cuisine via the Zoom app on an internet-enabled device . Equipped with recipes, a shopping list and a list of equipment, you prepare for interactive cooking. Various exotic dishes are prepared together. So forget the frozen spring rolls, now you cook yourself!

The diverse cuisine of Asia
Java, Thailand, Japan, ... - every Asian country and its individual regions have unique dishes! Various Asian dishes are combined with exotic vegetables and juicy types of fruit in the Asian cooking course online seminar. With the professional you can conjure up Asian delicacies yourself in no time at all. Asian cuisine mainly consists of gentle cooking methods, spicy and aromatic ingredients and sometimes sharp nuances .

Asian = healthy
Are you planning to make your eating style healthier? With the Asian cooking course online seminar, you have chosen the right one. The Asian cuisine scores with fresh vegetables, lots of fish and high-fiber soy products . The food is also prepared in a way that is gentle on vitamins. Even though Asia is large and made up of many countries, there are ingredients that are found everywhere in the kitchen. The staple food is rice. Soybeans, fish sauces and miso paste are often served with it. Never tried it? The time has come!

Your favorite hobby cook likes to experimentin the kitchen? With the Asian cooking course online seminar, you provide him or her with the Asian cooking secrets. Forget the fast food! A delicious meal will surely pop out for you as a thank you.

• About 2-3 hours

• Pre-mailing list with the required cooking equipment
• Pre- shopping list by e-mail
• Recipes by e-mail in advance
• Preparation of various dishes under professional guidance
• Instruction is in German