AKC Puppy Teething Pack

AKC Puppy Teething Pack


Product Details

This pack from the AKC Includes teething toys, treats and a guide to help you and your puppy through this "ruff" time.

Why We Like It

Rather than buying puppy teething toys and treats one at a time, our handy Puppy Teething Pack bundles everything you need for your teething puppy: a cooling CHILLY BONE™, KONG® Puppy, challenging JW EverTuff™Treat Pods, soft turkey training treats, a puppy Nylabone® and even a guide to help you (and your puppy) through the teething phase.

Suitable for teething puppies. The small size is appropriate for toy and small breeds and the large for medium to large breeds. Not suitable for hard chewers.


Teething hurts and you’ll want to do whatever you can to ease your puppy through it (and prevent him from chewing everything in the house). The Puppy Teething Pack contains a KONG® Puppy for distraction and satisfying chewing; JW EverTuff™Treat Pods to challenge him; a CHILLY BONE™ that you can put in the freezer to provide soothing coolness for his aching gums; a Nylabone® Chews; soft treats to reward him for appropriate chewing and even a guide to help you through it all. Always supervise your puppy with toys and if anything comes loose remove it immediately.