AKC Puppy Play Pack

AKC Puppy Play Pack


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Why We Like It

These toys are made specifically for a puppy's curiosity, playfulness and, of course, need to chew. And the variety will be sure to keep him entertained. Three toys in one convenient pack!

Puppys play. That’s what they do. Give your little one lots of stimulation and fun with the Puppy Play Pack!

The Puppy Play Pack Includes:

  • Suction Cup Pupsicle: A cleverly designed toy that will stick on a flat surface. This is a fun way to get puppies used to being handled. Stick the Pupsicle to a surface with a delicious treat such as peanut putter* and while the puppy is licking off the goodness touch his paws, tail, maybe run a soft brush through his coat. This can help puppies build up a positive association to being handled which will come in useful as he gets groomed or examined by a vet.
  • Soft Rubber Bone: Made with soft rubber to be gentle on puppy teeth and gums. Can be filled with treats for a nice reward.
  • Rubber Cloud with Treat Pocket: A fun shaped toy made with natural rubber and pockets where treats can be hidden. Extra small size.