Airlift Table

Airlift Table


Product Details
  • Adjustable height with air shock system: the latest desk that supports both standing and sitting. Prevent back and shoulder pain from working long hours by adjusting the height with a gas shock system.
  • Adjustable table Or a standing desk: The table's height can be adjusted to stand or sit within 3 seconds, allowing posture throughout the day to be adjusted as needed and with ease! The height can be adjusted by gently squeezing the release lever.
  • New worktable with a built-in mechanism: The clever design hides the gas shock on both legs. No need for electrical cables and cables. No worries about electric shock and static electricity.
  • Comes with wheels that allow for easy movement to the rest of the room: In addition to adjusting the posture between standing and sitting, moving to other points in the room also helps to change the environment and promote better joint activities if used in the classroom or at work.
  • Meet your needs: You can adjust the table size from 135-160 cm and length 65-75 cm and you can choose the top color as desired.