Aēsop $20 E-Gift Card

Aēsop $20 E-Gift Card


Product Details
Our objective has always been to formulate skin, hair and body care products of the finest quality; we investigate widely to source plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients, and use only those with a proven record of safety and efficacy.

Eminently suitable for all, and elegantly presented to a recipient via email with a personalised message.
  • Kindly note that Digital Gift Cards are sent directly to the recipient's email address upon purchase. To maintain surprise and delight, we recommend sending the card to your own email address to forward closer to festivities.
  • Use at any Aesop Signature Store or from an Aesop online store within the country and currency in which the card was purchased. The value on the card can be used for purchases in whole or in part, and on multiple occasions at said Aesop Signature Stores and Aesop online store, and for Facial Appointments at selected Aesop spaces.