HR Relief

Integrate with your HRIS systems and HR resources to equip Perkins to handle everyday questions, needs, and requests from your team. Enable your team to quickly navigate employee handbooks and other important resources. Alleviating your leaders and admins day-to-day workloads and lowering work related stress.

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Innovative Personal Assistance

Perkins provides direct, day-to-day support all users enabling organic means of communication for culture support. Users have the ability to control where their information is shared including with company leadership, HR, or management. Most importantly, we provide the option for anyone to remain anonymous.

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Customer Service Agent

Perkins provides intelligent, personalized support for any needed assistance while utilizing the PERKS platform. Streamlining the fulfillment process for orders placed on our marketplace. Quickly navigate our FAQs and support materials, or ask Perkins any questions you have to get quick answers. Bringing a personalized concierge experience right to your fingertips.

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Polls & Pulse Checks

Easily send polls or pulse surveys to any users with Perkins. Polls can be used to democratically vote on products, services, or experiences from our marketplace. Pulse checks and surveys make it easy to get direct feedback quickly and effectively. Eliminating the need for lengthy surveys and avoiding burnout leading to better results.

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Seamlessly integrate Perkins into common communication platforms to be utilized outside of the PERKS platform. Type in simple commands to send a poll for your team to vote on, or send a teammate some PERKS Credits to use on our marketplace.

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Perkins Analytics

Admins can view high level analytics around chatbot conversations, overall AI engagement, conversation satisfaction, and trending chatbot topics for your team. Giving leadership great insights to the overall wants and needs of their teams in an easily digestible way.

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Key value propositions

Build Trust Bridge with Team

Perkins provides a holistic communication channel between leadership and team

Enable Organic Conversation

Provides a low-barrier environment to get the most honest feedback and data from your team

HR & Admin Relief

Incorporate your HR resources like employee handbooks to relieve unneeded overhead

Intelligent Assistant Services

Perkins provides personalized, intelligent support and customer service for any platform needs

Integrate with Existing Communication

Bring Perkins to the communication tools you already like Slack & Microsoft Teams

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Set your team up for success