First, we CAPTURE existing and new information that builds a story around your organization’s culture and support.

We are then able to ANALYZE the discrepancies of stated and enacted values, behaviors, and encounters that make up day-to-day employee experiences.

Our goal is simple: provide a comprehensive baseline of what’s going on in your organization and IDENTIFY an aspirational culture to strive towards.


Equipped with data and a refined understanding of your culture goals, we STRATEGIZE on how PERKS can help you reach those goals.

We then RECOMMEND ways in which our marketplace of products, services, and experiences can be used for your organization’s specific needs.

Unlike most, our team helps organizations IMPLEMENT our recommendations every step of the way to ensure effectiveness and provide support.


We then ENGAGE with your team and leadership again to learn and understand the impact and results of the Act step.

It’s important to RECOGNIZE areas of both strength and what needs improvement in order to find success in the future.

Lastly, we OPTIMIZE the process through a continuous feedback loop to establish the strongest possible culture and support.

Key value propositions

No One Size Fits All Solution

We build custom strategies for organizations to meet their specific culture goals

Learn Your People First

We work directly with your people to establish baseline understanding of the organization

Bridge the Gap & Take Action

We not only provide data and recommendations but also help with implementation process

Optimize for Continuous Growth

We make sure to optimize strategies and relearn organization needs to ensure growth

Real-Time Data & Insights

Our process is centered around providing leadership with live data and insights

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Set your team up for success