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The marketplace serves as the toolbox for organizations to deliver an inclusive experience to their team. Featuring categories ranging from Food & Beverages to Learning Development there is something for the most diverse teams. We bring all the benefits of an office campus to your teams fingertips and handle all fulfillment too!

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Our Categories & Rewards

Health & Wellness

Every $1 spent on mental health treatment creates a $4 return in improved health & productivity for your teams!


Wellness Goods


Virtual Therapy

Virtual Care

Food & Beverages

Get the benefits of an in-office cafeteria or kitchen with our wide selection of food & beverage perks, keeping your team fueled and ready to go!

Meal Plans


Smoothies & Juices

Coffee & Tea

Virtual Care


Support a healthy and strong workforce so they can perform at their best both in and out of the office!

Exercise Equipment

Recovery Products

Virtual Classes

Fitness Gear


Help your office parents succeed at home and promote work-life balance by offering family-oriented perk options!

Babysitting & Nanny Care

Virtual Learning

Baby Supplies

Fitness Gear


Empower your team to create their own unique personalized work environments including easy access to work tools for everyday use.

Desk & Converters


Office Supplies




Allow your team members to explore their own passions, or bring your team closer together with our selection of personal and team experience offerings.

Virtual Events

Group Events

Team Building



Learning & Development

Allow your team members to explore their own passions, or bring your team closer together with our selection of personal and team experience offerings.


Online Courses





Do your part to make the world a better place & add value to your company culture by including charitable donations into your company’s perks offering.




2000+ Vendor partners

We carefully vetted the best vendors from around the world to meet your team’s needs no matter where they are located.

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PERKS Credits

PERKS Credits are the digital currency used to make your purchases on the marketplace. You can received credits for a variety of reasons including stipends, rewards, or gifts. Employees can purchase their own credits if needed during the checkout process to easily subsidize purchases. Admins can send one-off or reoccurring credits allotments simplifying administrative duties.

Create Custom Packs

Manage and create custom “Packs” for new employee onboarding. Enabling new employees to get the tools and resources needed to work at their best from the start. Simply choose from the perks that fit best for each employee.


Polls for Community Voting

Polls are a way for you to give your team the power to democratically vote for the products, services or experiences that they actually want! No more need to choose blanketed solutions for your entire team that don’t meet their needs.


Key value propositions

PERKS Handles All Fulfillment

We handle all the footwork to ensure product/service delivery and experience logistics

Toolbox for Diversity & Inclusivity

Work with a variety of demographics and enable people to create their own work experience

Empowers Distributed Teams

Available in 80+ countries for teams that work both at home and in the office

Enable Flexible Work Opportunities

Our marketplace features leading flexible work providers to provide to your teams

Direct Customer Service

We provide best-in-class support to ensure the best customer experience

Enhances Organizational Profile

Make your organization stand out above the rest by improving employee offerings

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Set your team up for success