What We've Learned: DEIB

PERKS Editorial Team

PERKS Editorial Team


November 30, 2021

The Building Culture Podcast - Episode 3.10

Eileen Lee & Evelyn Kwong, "What We've Learned: DEIB"

What were your takeaways from our season on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging? Eileen and Evelyn highlight some things learned and questions answered in the tenth episode of the season.

Many thanks to our listeners and wonderful guests, from whom we have learned so much:

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Show notes:

  • Difficult to initiate the conversation around DEI or bias
    • No one wants to offend people, or sound like they're stupid.
    • Perhaps we lack experience to speak knowledgeably on DEI
  • We revisit our first episode with Cornell on unconscious bias
    • Avoiding discrimination in hiring and example(s)
    • Resume screening process and making assumptions about what that person is like
  • In Heather's episode on compensation, she gives a personal example that illustrates this concept
    • Becoming aware of biases, and then not acting on them
    • Belonging is a result of doing diversity, equity, and inclusion well
  • On episode 3, Kristin Bonds shares the role belonging plays on the people experience.
    • Belonging always evolves as organizations change
  • Psychological safety is another crucial aspect of DEI - we replay a snippet from Anu Mandapati.
    • Intention matters - are we tuned in to empathy with our teammates?
    • Taking care with our communication
      • Listen before you draw your conclusions
    • Intention also involves being accountable and following up with action
  • How can DEI look different in a fully remote environment vs. a hybrid one?  AJ Adams shares about high-quality connections in the workplace.
    • Things that play into this: respect, positive emotions (despite challenges), and the leader-employee and employee-employee relationships
    • Going back to the basics. Start with treating people how you want to be treated
      • People and family come first; work comes after
  • What is the role of every employee and how do they contribute to DEI initiatives? Arjun Devgan speaks on the importance of communicating personal disabilities
    • Communication goes both ways
    • DEI is everyone's responsibility
  • Final takeaways:
    • Transparency and accountability
    • Everyone has a role in DEI
    • DEIB must be ingrained into the culture of an organization
  • Stay tuned for our special holiday mini-season showcasing some of our vendor partners on the PERKS marketplace
  • Season 4 on the People Experience launches January 2022