What Is the People Experience?

PERKS Editorial Team

PERKS Editorial Team


January 6, 2022

What Is the People Experience?

The little things add up

People are the greatest asset to any organization. Recognizing this, people leaders have shifted their focus from employee engagement as a key metric to the employee experience in the last several years. In a recent survey by Deloitte, nearly 80 percent of executives rate employee experience as very important or important. This concept is coined after the idea behind the customer focus, and covers what people experience during their time at an organization. Employee experience is a new focus for People and Culture leaders because of its importance in enhancing recruitment, retaining top talent, and increasing engagement.

At PERKS, we understand that the employee experience is a central factor in pinpointing culture and happiness. So much so that we have coined a new term, the People Experience, in our five dimensions of measuring company culture. The People Experience is an important KPI that we hone in on so that we can determine and understand people data with people initiatives in mind.

Below is the definition of the People Experience in PERKS’ second e-book - The 5 Measures of Company Culture - Reforming KPIs and OKRs for People Initiatives:

“Norms, values, behaviors, and communication are key ingredients that encompass the human component of culture. Daily micro-experiences add up to the People Experience. These include a flexible and accessible work environment, benefits and perks that foster belonging, and a focus on holistic wellbeing. This confluence of the human component of culture and lived experiences creates authenticity and communal, healthy teams.”

The following are some ideals to keep in mind when focusing on doing the People Experience well in your organization:

  • I believe my organization focuses on individuals’ needs and wants to promote a healthy, productive, creative, social, and inspired workforce.
  • Recognition and appreciation are core values in my organization.
  • My organization's work environment fosters social connection.
  • My colleagues are empathic.
  • I derive meaning and purpose from my work.

You’ve heard us speak continuously on the human component of culture. The People Experience relies heavily on the interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships that occur during an employee’s life cycle within an organization. How people are treated, how individuals treat each other - these are just the beginnings of understanding the flow of an ideal people experience. For a better understanding of how to do the People Experience right within your organization, be sure you’re subscribed to Building Culture. Stay on the lookout for more updates on e-book 2, coming soon!