The Future of Our Work

PERKS Editorial Team

PERKS Editorial Team


June 30, 2021

The Building Culture Podcast - Episode 2.5

Eileen Lee & Evelyn Kwong, "The Future of Our Work"

Join Evelyn and Eileen as they discuss the shift in remote work in the aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic. What are the biggest challenges to staying remote and what are the solutions? And how is the PERKS team moving forward?

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Show notes:

  • 99% of people would choose to work remotely for the rest of their lives - even if only part-time
  • Is remote work here to stay?
  • What are we planning for the future of work at PERKS?
    • Headquarters vs. coworking spaces
    • Why we’ve come to this decision
  • What are the biggest challenges to staying remote? What are the solutions?
    • Unplugging after work (22%) - Karen Mangia: rituals and routines
    • Loneliness (19%) - retreats, virtual experiences, Donut, Gatheround
    • Communication/collaboration (17%) - Team syncs, work sessions, Yac
  • Statistics from The Ultimate List of Remote Work Statistics for 2021 (FindStack)
    • Since 2015, the number of people who WFH has risen by 140%.
    • 16% of companies in the world are fully remote in 2021 (i.e. no headquarters)
    • By 2028, 73% of all departments are expected to have remote workers
    • 85% managers believe teams with remote workers will become the new norm
    • Better work-life balance is a main driver of why people choose to work remotely
    • 75% say they’re more productive WFH because there are less distractions
    • 74% say having the option to work remote makes them less likely to leave a company