Summer on My Mind

PERKS Editorial Team

PERKS Editorial Team


May 25, 2022

Summer on My Mind

Summer is here and the PERKS Marketplace has got you covered!

Normal Ice Cream - The Cream Team Sampler 

It’s never a bad time for ice cream, especially ice cream in the summer! Try out the ice cream sampler from Normal.

If you’d like to challenge yourself and tone up, check out the Bala bangles and try them on your next walk on the beach!

Growing Wishes Garden Kit

This kit includes five sets of seeds for soon-to-be flowers, waiting to be planted. Each represents different wishes: cheer (daisy), love (sunflower), gratitude (pinks), friendship (zinnia), and happiness (lavender). 

Summer fun is finally here. For more intriguing items, check out the PERKS Marketplace and spend your credits! Any interesting items you’d like for us to include in our marketplace? Tweet us @getperks_io and let us know!