Let's Talk About It - Mental Health Awareness

PERKS Editorial Team

PERKS Editorial Team


April 28, 2021

The Building Culture Podcast - Episode 2.1

Eileen Lee & Evelyn Kwong, "Let's Talk About It - Mental Health Awareness"

In light of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, Eileen and Evelyn have a conversation about the stigma around discussing mental health in the workplace. They also share their personal experiences and perspectives from an employee or manager standpoint. Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!

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Show notes:

  • Why is it important for organizations to address mental health? Why aren’t we talking about it more?
  • Evelyn shares her personal experience with anxiety/panic attacks
  • Eileen offers her perspective from previously owning her own company. What kinds of resources are available for organizations to give to their people?
  • Organizations should offer training and resources for managers so they are aware of how to address mental health issues and provide correct support
  • How do we provide the appropriate resources for mental health support in a hybrid work model?