It's a Deel! Recruiting Globally in the World of Hybrid Work

PERKS Editorial Team

PERKS Editorial Team


May 5, 2021

The Building Culture Podcast - Episode 2.2

Will Xue, "It's a Deel! Recruiting Globally in the World of Hybrid Work"

Will Xue from Deel joins Evelyn in a conversation regarding the flexibility of global recruitment in today's remote and hybrid work environment. Also covered is how Deel can help companies hiring internationally with maintaining a positive work culture.

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Show notes:

  • Tell us a little about your experience and how you started working at Deel.
  • Benefits of sourcing and recruiting from anywhere in the world
  • What are the advantages of signing up with Deel and having access to global hires? How does Deel help companies around the world retain top talent? 
  • International hiring in the past 12 months vs. previous years
  • As we know, hybrid remote work is very apparent right now. What’s your take on this and how can Deel help?
  • Your thoughts and key takeaways for keeping company culture in a hybrid-remote work environment