Here’s How Leadership & Communication Work Together

PERKS Editorial Team

PERKS Editorial Team


June 13, 2022

Here’s How Leadership & Communication Work Together

Done well, these two measures benefit any organization’s workplace culture.

Leadership/Administration and communication are two of PERKS’ 5 Measures of Company Culture, and we have been diving deep on our blog and podcast. By now, everyone is familiar with the phrase “leaders lead by example” - and this applies to communication as well. Effective communication helps instill a shared vision, influence, and guidance for your team.

We all know that Leadership & Administration are at the forefront of instilling culture within an organization. While living and breathing the culture is an important example, communication will drive your efforts home. Below, we discuss a couple of things Leadership & Admin can focus on in order to communicate a positive workplace culture.

Know your audience
Adjust your communication style depending on whom you are addressing. The way you communicate with managers and your direct reports might vary. Certain verbiage might feel natural for a specific demographic, but completely confusing for another. It’s crucial to understand who your audience is so that you can be the most effective in your context.

Transparency and psychological safety
Your workplace environment is directly influenced by the values you display. Of these values, it’s essential to be transparent and provide a safe space for individuals to share any type of feedback. Keep in mind that psychological safety permits people to discuss both successes and challenges without repercussions. Without trust and safety, don’t be surprised if conversations and feedback are limited or even shallow. Beware that these kinds of conversations won’t provide you with the necessary information to create solutions or improvements.

Set expectations
Avoid confusion on deliverables by being clear and precise with deadlines. If there is a specific way things need to be completed or a certain approval process, all this is key information in order to streamline the execution process. The amount of context you provide is very much related to how team members understand what you’re asking of them. Make sure everyone working on a project understands their role and has enough information to move forward.

Ask questions
This is important for anyone within the organization, regardless of whether you are a manager or direct report (or both)! One way to receive more details is to ask open-ended questions. Questions such as “Can you explain what you meant by that?” will lead to more specific answers than a yes/no. Asking shows that both parties are engaged in the conversation, which plays a vital role in achieving positive outcomes in communication.

Active listening
It’s essential to listen with intention - if a team member is sharing something relevant to a project or even a personal situation, checking your emails or phone is not the best way to show that you are engaged. For more on this, we crafted an infographic that you can check out here.

Communication directly affects a company’s culture. Leadership and Administration are also key in ensuring that the team lives and breathes the culture within the workplace. We hope that discussing these two measures gives you a better understanding of how Leadership & Admin and the Communication measures work together. Is there anything you would add to this list? Don’t forget to tweet us @getperks_io.