Fostering Accountability in DEI Initiatives

PERKS Editorial Team

PERKS Editorial Team


September 15, 2021

The Building Culture Podcast - Episode 3.2

Tom Willis, "Fostering Accountability in DEI Initiatives"

What is the role of accountability in DEI initiatives? Evelyn and Tom Willis, CEO and co-founder of Phoenix Performance Partners and host of the Culture Eats Everything podcast, talk about how transparency is critical to having good accountability in the workplace, leading by example, and why listening matters.

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Show notes: 

  • What is the definition of accountability?
  • Why is there a lack of accountability when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion (or DEI) initiatives?
    • DEI statements and trainings aren't equivalent to implementation/action
    • Measuring by checklists vs. creating inclusive daily experiences
    • Not tying training/ERGs into corporate outcomes
    • Focusing on what others should do instead of looking inward
  • Where would you start with accountability in the workplace, especially as it relates to DEI? (Range)
  • What can we do to promote accountability in DEI initiatives?
    • Moving from a reactive environment to a proactive one
    • Lead by example, identifying decision-makers
    • Giving/taking space
    • Proper training, resources: “Accountability with no support will fall flat as people cannot create systemic change alone.”
  • People support looks different at every organization, whether a company, school, non-profit (the list goes on). What is your take on what that looks like in a healthy team? 
    • Why is it so important for leadership to set the pace for accountability, and their company’s culture, from the top-down? Why does that matter?
    • On the flipside, what is the role of individual contributors?
  • What is the role of listening when it comes to accountability in the workplace?
  • How does DEI/accountability contribute to positive company culture?