Building a Culture of Belonging

PERKS Editorial Team

PERKS Editorial Team


September 22, 2021

The Building Culture Podcast - Episode 3.3

Mercedes Ballard & Kristin Bonds, "Building a Culture of Belonging"

Belonging is top of mind for organizations everywhere. We invite Mercedes Ballard and Kristin Bonds, co-founders of Heristic, to this episode of Building Culture to share how to define belonging, practice it at work, and distinguish how it’s different from inclusion.

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Show notes:
  • What is the PERKS Culture Index and what can we achieve with it?

  • When did we first start hearing about “belonging” in the workplace?
    • Psychologists say our need to belong is on the same level as our need to feel loved (HBR)
  • How would you define a culture of belonging? What does a culture of belonging include?

  • Defining the human component of culture: It encompasses the daily norms, values, behaviors, and communication within a workplace. It’s the day-to-day interactions and interpersonal relationships that develop from the way people communicate in an organization. Essentially, it’s the way that information is delivered to set a team member up for success in achieving their goals.
    • How does the human component of culture play into belonging within an organization?
  • What belonging looks like in the workplace:
    • Empathy, kindness
    • Respect/continuous feedback loop
    • Relating to a shared purpose:
      • Finding meaning in the work and individual contributions
        • Diversity of thought but committing to shared outcomes (Deloitte)

  • What is the overlap or difference between inclusion and belonging?

  • What are some deterrents/obstacles that can obstruct from building a culture of belonging?

  • How does belonging translate into policy and practice?

  • With Heristic, PERKS has been working on redefining 5 key measures that will help foster the new KPIs for the workplace of the future.
    • What is the role of each measure in regards to belonging?
      • Leadership & admin
      • Communication
      • Performance & productivity
      • DEI
      • People Experience
  • What action can every individual take today to foster a culture of belonging/kindness?

  • We are uniquely poised to make the kinds of changes in the workplace - where we spend most of our hours - we wish to see in our society.