Our Vision

To build the best people support OS with current People and Culture initiatives that organizations have top of mind.

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Mission Statement

We strive to assist companies in prioritizing a positive work culture by focusing on employee happiness.

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Core Values

At PERKS, we strive to achieve ROCKSTAR Mentality daily.

  • Resilience
  • Out-of-the-Box
  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Kindness
  • Savvy
  • Transparency
  • Rapport
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We are proud to be a fully remote company!

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Meet our Team

photo of Dominik Pantelides

Dominik Pantelides

CEO & President

photo of Jordan Greenbaum

Jordan Greenbaum


photo of Oliver Eberle

Oliver Eberle


photo of John Adams

John Adams


photo of Eileen Lee

Eileen Lee

VP, People & Culture

photo of Evelyn Kwong

Evelyn Kwong

Content Manager

photo of Broderick Earl

Broderick Earl

Client Success & Platform Manager

photo of Garrett Clarke

Garrett Clarke

Sr. Developer

photo of Julie Figueroa

Julie Figueroa

Head of Marketplace Product

photo of Kevin Huang

Kevin Huang

Sales & Marketing Analyst

photo of Monica Hanna

Monica Hanna

Administrative Office Manager

photo of Eura Edmund

Eura Edmund

Director of Client Success

photo of Aleksandr Tkachenko

Aleksandr Tkachenko

Front End Developer

photo of Keziah Pantelides

Keziah Pantelides

UI/UX Designer

photo of Eve Moroyoqui

Eve Moroyoqui

Graphic Designer

photo of Mercedes Ballard

Mercedes Ballard

Talent Strategy Advisor - Heristic

photo of Kristin Bonds

Kristin Bonds

Talent Programs Advisor - Heristic

photo of Daniel Bosnjak

Daniel Bosnjak

Marketplace Coordinator

photo of Parisa Fuchs

Parisa Fuchs

Marketplace Coordinator

photo of Elise Sirivisal

Elise Sirivisal

QA and MP Intern

photo of Ethan Ngo

Ethan Ngo

Operations and MP Intern

photo of Jeremy Chen

Jeremy Chen

Marketplace Intern

photo of Tommy Gil

Tommy Gil

Marketing and MP Intern

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Are you ready to make an impact in the future of work? Building positive company culture is the center of all we do at PERKS. Join our small but mighty team as we grow our global workforce!

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