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PERKS is the world’s first comprehensive platform dedicated to people support and organization culture success, no matter where your people are located!

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What is PERKS?

PERKS is a revolutionary, full-service platform that provides inclusive employee perks & gifts, customized culture support, gamified rewarding and so much more directly to your fingertips. Servicing teams all around the world whether they work at home or in the office. Taking organization and people support further than the rest!


Our Process

Our team of culture experts and data scientists have created a proprietary process for assessing and improving your organization’s culture and workplace experience. This simple 3-step process combines with our unique platform solutions below to provide you with a state-of-the-art people support experience.

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Our Platform


Our hand-curated marketplace features a wide variety of 3,000+ products, services, and experiences carefully selected and vetted to improve your work experience and promote work-life balance. Equipping HR with a toolbox to provide an inclusive and personalized people experience.

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Perkins AI

Perkins is the AI personal assistant for every user of our platform. Providing direct customer service, and enabling organic means of communication for culture support.

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Culture Index

Our Culture Index provides organizations with a pulse check on culture and the People Experience. We utilize five critical dimensions that help foster high-achieving, happy people.

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Rewards Integrations

PERKS integrates with the workflow and communication programs your organization uses to provide your team with a peer-to-peer rewards and recognition system. Featuring a live Leaderboard to promote hard work and recognize top performers.

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Key value propositions

Enable Distributed Workforce

Available in 80+ countries for teams that work both at home and in the office

End-to-End Support

We provide direct, continuous support from onboarding through implementation.

Save Time & Costs

Centralizing all the employee expenses on one platform, eliminating admin overhead

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Bring DEI to the forefront by providing diverse and inclusive solutions to organizations

Improve Culture & HR Support

Our platform makes it easy to improve culture while providing support & relief to HR

Performance & Motivation

Keep your team performing at their best and motivated to go above and beyond

What is the industry saying?

Ashley Foster

Without being able to have company events for the last year, PERKS has made it incredibly easy to still feel like an appreciated employee by letting everyone choose a perk that they prefer. Between the options for perks and outstanding customer service, it’s a no-brainer for all companies to use PERKS for their employees!

Darren Murph

As teams proliferate across geographies, providing an array of options for employee perks will be a key differentiator. Talent acquisition looks different in an increasingly flexible world. Not only will top talent seek flexibility in where they work, but they’ll take notice of organizations which provide more choice in their perks.

Sheba Rasson

Company culture and the ability to provide your employees with quality perks and rewards is more important than ever before. At Google, I am part of an unrivaled employee campus experience. PERKS takes the big tech campus experience and makes it available digitally to any company despite their size or budget.

Kristen Stone

Giving team members appreciation for the value they bring to an organization is a critical part of growing and retaining colleagues. PERKS offers a seamless onboarding and consistent support to make it easy for anyone to set up and start offering their employees tokens of appreciation!

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